9/11- Ten Years Later

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9/11- Ten Years Later Empty 9/11- Ten Years Later

Post  thecolorsblend on Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:46 pm

The towers in New York didn't randomly collapse. A bunch of religiously-motivated Islamic fanatics recruited by al-Qaeda hijacked airplanes and crashed them into the buildings specifically so that innocent people would die. We call behavior such as this "terrorism". We call people who commit such evil deeds "terrorists". Subsequently, terrorist-sympathizers and/or collaborators in territory given by the State of Israel ("Palestinians") celebrated the massacre. And this all happened ten years ago today.

I say all of this because I don't expect the mainstream media to cover all of those points today. But somebody has to.

One of many murder victims on 9/11.

"Palestinian" pigs celebrating in the streets while their children die of easily preventable stomach parasites in their Islamic haven.. which is somehow superior to hellish countries such as... oh, pick anything from the West.

Never forget who we're fighting against and, even more importantly, WHY we're fighting these pigs.

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9/11- Ten Years Later Empty Re: 9/11- Ten Years Later

Post  Apologist Puncher on Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:26 pm

Americans, REAL AMERICANS, will never forget. Our President, our media, our "unsilent minority" can show a weak-backbone to the rest of the world. That's their "choice". But the rest of us, who care about our Country and are PROUD to call ourselves Americans, know that when the chips are down, we will stand-up to help our fellow man.

And we will never forget who perpetrated this cowardly attack on innocent civilians.

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Post  non_amos on Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:29 am

I mentioned my recent computer problems in another thread but ya know what? Another real pain to me personally was that I didn't have Internet access on 9/11! Mad

You see, they say everyone remembers where they were at on 9/11, just like my parents' generation said the same thing about the assassination of JFK. Well, I was in technical school after a long-term layoff due to NAFTA, 2+ years without a job! And the bad thing is is that I've had long-term unemployment since then due to duh economy! Anyway, I didn't even learn how to use a computer until 2001 except for 'DOS' style job searches at ESC. Duh Internets? No dice until 2001! But I did know how to type & English was probably one of my stronger subjects so I adapted very fast. To the point that playing on a computer became like a toy or something!

Anyway, I was in school when the attacks happened. We were on our 9 AM break when the news came. Needless to say it ruined my entire day! It's like all focus was on that! I even remember some sites were 'jammed' & couldn't be displayed due to the rush of traffic! And that memory is so vivid I can still picture it in my mind, right down to the dude who came shouting the news!

For some time after this I was fixated on trying to find pics online, even gruesome ones of the 'Rotten' variety, as that seemed to be popular in school with the other guys. I know it sounds morbid. But the JUMPERS really got to me! You see, I have a 'fear of heights' myself & it literally made me SHUDDER to think of the terror that those people experienced! It had a deep psychological effect on me at the time, so much so in fact that even in the the 2 or 3 years afterward I still found myself conducting such searches.

Time heals all wounds? That depends on your viewpoint. True, I don't feel as overwhelmed now as I did in 2001 but by the same token, it's forever changed our lives. But I will say this. One thing I didn't like, at all, was how duh media & government officials tried to 'sugar-coat' the whole jumpers thing & censor almost everything, 'lest we should offend anyone' crapola! If ya ask me, it would've shown people just who the terrorists really are & what their true nature is but instead we got a bunch of PC crap about 'the religion of peace'. What a steaming pile of BS!

But yeah, like my opening point, I had Internet access 10 years ago & on the 10th anniversary I had to settle for the news on TV so yeah I didn't particularly like that!
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9/11- Ten Years Later Empty Re: 9/11- Ten Years Later

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