Description of MOS's Krypton

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Description of MOS's Krypton

Post  Comicbookfan-V2 on Sun May 05, 2013 11:31 pm

Now after seeing the 3rd trailer and some pics from the MOS junior novel I think I may have a good visual idea of what Krypton could looks like in MOS! Now according to the trailer one of the shots shows part of Krypton that look to be a mountainscape, not showing any signs of structures let alone skyscrapers as you can see here...

But after seeing some pics from the junior novel there seem to be a glimpse of one of the city structures as shown here...

For some reason it kind of reminds me of the concept that was supposedly use in the un-produced "Superman: Flyby" movie by McG as you can see here...

After putting all this together things starting to paint a better picture for me, given me the theory that are multiple cities located from a slight distances from one of another within the lower range of the mountainscape. Although there is an indication that the House of El is located on top of one of the mountains as shown here...

And to go on record, those two machines shown below are service droids.

Even though this is just what I imagine what Krypton must look like in MOS but remember this just a theory of mine which means I could be wrong but as usual we just have to wait & see how things really turn out.
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