Whats better for WI on Tg..

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Whats better for WI on Tg..  Empty Whats better for WI on Tg..

Post  sharon.john.144 on Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:07 am

heey guuys atm i have mithril+15 7amp im thinkin about sig 10amp from event... amount i have 9amp more... but i lost very much def... i mean if i have mith+15 i get more dmg.. than sig... cause i can stand better (ppls hit me for a longer time) right ?...

but with sig i get more dmg it that true ?!...it's better to gain dmg on tg with lower def ? my output is ok... but i never get dmg on tg.. every tg i have +given(2kk) and -gained(700k) but low score others wi's gained more dmg... and has more score than me.. (given 1,1kk/gained 4kk)

how thats possible, i know that ppls has lower def... but it that the point ?


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Whats better for WI on Tg..  Empty Re: Whats better for WI on Tg..

Post  thecolorsblend on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:57 am

Second verse same as the first. Similar posts have appeared on three other forums -- coincidentally, I'm sure, the same three forums as the other post.

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