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Marvel Bribes Retailers To Destroy DC Books

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Marvel Bribes Retailers To Destroy DC Books Empty Marvel Bribes Retailers To Destroy DC Books

Post  thecolorsblend on Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:31 am

Wired wrote:This week it came out that Marvel Comics is offering retailers a variant cover of “Fear Itself #6″ by artist Ed McGuinness. But, there is a catch: To get the coveted cover, retailers have to rip the covers from 50 copies of any No. 1 issue of DC Comics Flashpoint tie-ins. This is not a figure of speech, they literally have to tear the covers off and send them to Marvel to get the special edition, rendering the issues unsalable.

Make no mistake, this is perfectly legal. The comic-shop proprietors would be destroying their own property, and it is their right so to do. However, this seems little different than someone buying books to burn them.


This is dated 08.10.2011. Even so, first, this didn't come out this week. This was on the table weeks ago. Don't know why Wired's only making a stink out of it now. But whatever.

But second, y'know, I actually sorta like this. Not defacing comics, mind you. But I've always kinda liked the DC/Marvel pissing contest. You sort of lost sight of it back in the 90's. I guess Mike Carlin (story editor at DC) and Mark Gruenwald (story editor at Marvel) being essentially best friends would tend to kill some of the rivalry. They were almost buddy-buddy back in those days and I'm just not into that.

I mean I grew up on those blind Pepsi/Coke taste test commercials and things like that. To me, there needs to be a bit of a rivalry there. It's just fun. Some people are calling foul on this (and admittedly it is a little bit petty) but in the end there's no real harm involved. Plus, retailers will simply order 50 DC books specifically to be destroyed. Methinks DC couldn't care less what happens to the comics once they're paid for. So this only increases (A) sales on DC's side (B) interest on the retailer side and (C) probably sales of Marvel's Fear Itself #6 too.

I mean, where's the downside here? I prefer fans and even the companies themselves occasionally sniping at each other. It's good for business and it's a lot of fun.

Tear 'em up!

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