'Ant-Man' Film

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'Ant-Man' Film

Post  Apologist Puncher on Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:02 pm

Doesn't have it's own forum, yet. Not until we here something concrete.


Marvel Planning To Polish Up Edgar Wright’s Ant Man Footage And Release It
Written on September 13, 2012 by Brendon Connelly in Film, Recent Updates

I’m prepared to bet that the next time we see Edgar Wright‘s Ant Man test footage, which was screened to rapturous reception at Comic-Con this summer, it will be over at Marvel’s website. Ask me to place a bet just yesterday, however, and I would have said that we’d be waiting for the eventual Ant Man Blu-ray.

What has changed in the interim?

Just a few words from Marvel Studios producer Victoria Alonso, speaking with Omelete:

What we showed at Comic-Con was a still unfinished video and we are working to finalize it. And I think you will see it, but do not know where yet. We always hear what the fans are saying and we’re doing everything to meet what they ask. I do not know if we’ll publish it online, but I have no reason to imagine that is not a good way. If that’s what the fans want….

Is that what the fans want?

I think the fans just want to see it. Even those of us who have already seen it.

The reason the footage would not end up at the end of another Marvel movie, introducing the character in the typically teasing Marvel fashion, is that Wright‘s test film was clearly shot on a budget, has a stand-in actor in the Ant Man suit, and that said suit is very likely not going to match the final product at all.

It’s a really fun little demonstration, though. It will get an awful lot of folk very interested in seeing this movie.

Wright is about to start production on The World’s End. If he rolls on into Ant Man next year it will the fastest rollover in his whole features career. Would be nice to see it set a precedent. C’mon Edgar - line ‘em up.

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Re: 'Ant-Man' Film

Post  thecolorsblend on Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:24 am

Wowzers, a movie studio that cares about the fans. How refreshing...

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Re: 'Ant-Man' Film

Post  webhead2006 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:28 pm

Man I been hoping that footage would surface. Since comic con as a leak. Or if the film finally is off the ground to be added into dvd/blurray set as a bonus thing. Can't wait to see this footage. And do hoe the film does get off the ground for the possible rumored 2014 time frame.
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Re: 'Ant-Man' Film

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