Continuity errors between "X-Men: First Class" and recent "X-Men" films

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Continuity errors between "X-Men: First Class" and recent "X-Men" films

Post  Comicbookfan-V2 on Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:40 am

Just recently I have finally had the opportunity to watch "X-Men: First Class" on cable (Didn't get a chance to see it in theaters though) and a few things that just had me baffled... Since I've been told that this was suppose to be a prequel to the recent film series and not a reboot (Unfortunately) I instantly notice some continuity errors that causes "First Class" along with "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" to have some form of disconnection in terms of plotholes with the recent "X-Men Trilogy" and there's are about five of them that I can point out...


In "First Class" Hank McCoy/Beast was recruited as one of the first X-Men members originally appeared human but with ape like feet but after taking a serum to supposedly cure him from this it instead enhance his appearance to his blue colored ape like form. While in "X2" where it supposedly taking place four decades later Hank McCoy/Beast appeared human in his cameo appearance through a televised interview before in "The Last Stand" where he is seen in his blue colored ape like form and was revealed as a former X-Men member.


In "Origins: Wolverine" Logan/Wolverine & Victor Creed/Sabertooth are known to be half brothers who grow up together but tensions between them increases as time passes while in "X-Men" where it supposedly taking place a couple of decades later neither of them doesn't seem to recognize each other after their first encounter. At the very least Victor Creed/Sabertooth should recognize Logan/Wolverine since his memory wasn't wiped out as Logan/Wolverine was.


In "First Class" Emma Frost was a member of the Hellfire Club along with Azazel, Riptide & Angel Salvadore before joining Magneto & Mystique thus becoming the Brotherhood while in "Origins: Wolverine" where it supposedly taking place 17 years later Emma Frost is a teenager and along with a teenage Scout Summers/Cyclops they where held prisoner along with other young mutants by William Stryker before being picked up by Professor Charles Xavier.


In "Origins: Wolverine" a teenage Scout Summers/Cyclops was capture by Victor Creed/Sabertooth and is held prisoner with other young mutants by William Stryker but later was freed by Logan/Wolverine while in "X-Men" along with "X2" where both supposedly taking place a couple of decades later doesn't show any indication that Scout Summers/Cyclops recognize nor have encounter these men prior to those films.


In "The Last Stand" there was a flashback of a middle aged Professor Xavier & Magneto meet a young Jean Grey at her home and discovering her abilities before being enroll at the "Xavier School for the Gifted" while in "First Class" where it supposedly taking place 18 years prior Xavier & Magneto went there separate ways each of them forming their prospective groups way before the events of the "X-Men Trilogy". Also, Xavier was walking in that same exact scene when he was supposedly paralyzed in "First Class".

And finally...


In "First Class" Magneto recruited Mystique and former Hellfire Club members Azazel, Riptide, Angel Salvadore & Emma Frost as members of the Brotherhood while in "X-Men" supposedly taking place four decades later Magneto only has Mystique along with Victor Creed/Sabertooth & Toad which lead to wonder what happen to the other Brotherhood members Azazel, Riptide, Angel Salvadore & Emma Frost prior to the film.


We are also lead to wonder where was Colossus in "X-Men" before he appeared in "X2", what happen to Nightcrawler between after "X2" and before "The Last Stand" and what has become of X-Men members Banshee & Havok between after "First Class" and before "X-Men"?

I'm not sure if a "First Class" sequel might fill in aleast some of the plotholes that are linked to "First Class" but I think those plotholes wouldn't even be plotholes if "First Class" was more of a stand alone film or even better a reboot that exist in it's own continuity which makes things easier to understand.

Just sayin!!!

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Re: Continuity errors between "X-Men: First Class" and recent "X-Men" films

Post  webhead2006 on Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:46 am

If I recall yes it is a prequel to the singer/ratner films. And they did stick to certain things but vaughn did say in a interview they changed some things. But I don't recall the reason. I don't have the interrview on hand. But I am sure another ap/colors/non know of the article in question.

But to answer your questions from little I remember the scott things you got to rememberr he was blinded through his capture and victor probably didn't know scott name and scott didn't know victor name. So there really isn't a issue there. It was said the emma we had in wolverine origins wasn't the emma forrst just an alternate take on her. Where first class is the real one. Logan not rremembering victor is easy since he lost his memories. And all that and who's to say victor didn't remember logan in xmen one. Or we could say due to what ever magneto did to him to change him maybe screwed with victorr mind/memories too. As for hank/beast deal I believe the x 2 thing was merely just going to be a shoutout and blink you miss it deal. That they changed there minds on when x 3 came along and they made beast blue fully. So that was more a screw up with singer/ratner then first class folks.
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