DC/Marvel merger (an imaginary what if story)

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DC/Marvel merger (an imaginary what if story)

Post  thecolorsblend on Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:17 am

This is just a thought experiment.

When I was at my comic store a while back, I heard one of the employees fairly deeply involved in a discussion (and not for the first time, might I say) about the potential behind a company like Disney buying DC Comics characters/related properties from Time Warner/WB and putting it all under the same umbrella as Marvel as a sort of merged comic book company on a permanent basis.

Now, bear in mind this was all coming from an older dude who's probably just about had his fill of Batman stories where he has to chase down the Joker. He's also proceeding on the assumption that this isn't a continuity-altering event. And by that, he meant that the characters would remember the status quo and would have to adjust to this new reality in the same way that the readers would.

He made a pretty interesting argument too. You'd have Spider-Man probably being accepted by, say, the Justice League in a way that the Marvel universe teams classically haven't (although membership with both the Avengers and the FF has probably changed that somewhat). Would Daredevil become a Green Lantern (or F-Sharp Bell)? He is, after all, the man without fear. How would Captain America regard the JSA?

His argument was basically that there's enough shit there for decades worth of new stories and new types of stories if you deal with it on the basis that each character remembers the way things once were and knows damn good and well how much things have changed. If you reboot each universe and reset their continuies to match up with each other, the whole thing is a pointlessly fucking retarded enterprise.

I'm of several minds about this. Part of me thinks DC and WB deserve to lose these properties because of idiotic creative decisions both in comics and in other media. Another part of me enjoys the ongoing pissing contest between DC and Marvel. Another part of me realizes that once you embark upon this merger, it'll be impossible to undo so you'd better be damn certain you really want this; no tradebacks.

Anyway. Thoughts?

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Re: DC/Marvel merger (an imaginary what if story)

Post  webhead2006 on Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:28 pm

Now this would be an interesting idea if it did ever happen. I too in mind set would be nice to see what marvel writers/other could do with dc characteers. But then on the other hand I rather they be sepaarate. Since I like to see the two be there own things and all. But man the stories and mix ups on character interactions and grouping would be a fun thing to see played out.
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