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Re: A Place For Batman Sequel Talk

Post  Apologist Puncher on Fri May 11, 2012 11:44 pm

thecolorsblend wrote:True but, c'mon, credit where credit is due.

Of course?

I have. My guess was he figured he did what he set out to do in helping bring the Singerman "franchise" down so, mission accomplished, he returned to the anonymity he had before. There's something to be said for knowing when to call it a day. He could be posting on forums under a different handle, lurking on this one or whatever. No idea.

He told me when he was leaving, and "Handed me the keys" to the old site. I'm just a bit curious about what happened to him.

Who knows? You may be right....

BJ Routh and Bryan Singer WERE the worst thing to happen to Superman since Bepo the Super Monkey.
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