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Re: Captain America Your Reviews Thread

Post  non_amos on Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:56 am

Yeah, it is good that's for certain. I re-watched it a while back when I was building up to the Avengers DVD since I missed out on that prior to the theater. It's certainly light-years ahead of those 'attempts' all those years ago which actually came out last year I believe on DVD & I ain't even watched them yet. Funny thing is though is that when we saw the new Cap at the theater I had to drag the old lady along as well as to Thor & we actually liked Thor better. I was surprised she liked Thor good as she did since it was 'freakier' than Cap.

Actually I like Avengers best of all of the films followed by The Incredible Hulk. But I'm not 'partial' here either huh? Really I like the Hulk better in Avengers because he looks the most realistic I've ever seen & Mark Ruffalo actually surprised me as Bruce Banner. Plus he's not a prima donna. But as for Cap Chris Evans also surprised as Steve Rogers/Captain America especially considering that the average fan questioned this due to his being the Human Torch in Fantastic 4.
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