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Post  thecolorsblend on Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:18 pm

Right now, all (or most) roads lead to the Avengers with Marvel Studios. Still, there are plenty of other properties out there they could develop. I doubt they'll get X-Men or Spider-Man back anytime soon but that doesn't take all that much off the table. Given that Marvel ain't likely to license out any more of their properties to other studios, I'd like to see them take a crack at some non-Avengers properties.

Fantastic Four- Could be very cool, esp if we get an actress who, y'know, actually resembles Sue Storm from the comics.

Daredevil- Apart from being a really frickin cool character, there's been pretty much no development on anything new since the 2003 Daredevil flick came and went. There's a metric fuckton of potential in this character. Personally, I'd need a clean pair of shorts if Marvel Studios announced they'd reacquired the rights and were doing a reboot.

Luke Cage & Iron Fist- I love the more modern version of Luke Cage. And hey, if we cast Common as Luke, we'll at least know we've got the Apologists onboard, right?

Dr. Strange- I know nothing and care nothing for this character but he's got his share of fans. The mystical angle could help set him apart in this sea of superpowered folk.

Howard the Duck- If they actually adapted the spirit of the comics, I think this'd be a big hit among the South Park and Family Guy demographics. Dunno as you'd necessarily want to do it live action but, if done right, this could be pretty cool.

And hell, if Marvel gets really ambitious, they could adapt the Civil War miniseries as a sort of end cap to their theatrical continuity up to that point. Bring the Avengers, Fantastic Four and their zillions of other characters together... to beat the shit out of one another.

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Post  webhead2006 on Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:33 pm

Totally xmen and spidey will probably take a long time to get into marvel hands, unless the dinsey lawyers can find som loophole for marvel. Personally I wish fox would give ff/daredevil back to marvel. I don't really think they will seriously do anything with them. Sjre there been talks of reboots for both. But haven't heard anything for months with them. Fox knows they can make something still with xmen. So give ff/dd back please.

As for other character, definately would love to see doctor strange done. Would love to see marvel studios get into the more supernatural characters like him, iron fist and others I don't recall off hand. Iron fist I couuld see being a mmuch lower budget film. No reason he woould need to be that big of a budget. Strange on the other hand probably would need to be at least 100mill or so budget.

Luke cage would be a fun character to see in film. Def enjoy reading him in new avengers comics. Heck if he doesn't get a film series any time soon. Def would like to see him maybe appear in the jessica jones show if it happens.

As for civil war/secret invasion I would enjoy maybe seeing them done as maybe a dtv animated movie. Or heck at least some other big time marvel stories adapted to dtv animated works. What would be killer maybe if pixar eve did a film for a marvel character. Though I don't know if pixar even being in disney would would be up to it. Since they see alot more happy doing oeriginal films.
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Post  non_amos on Sat May 28, 2011 2:14 pm


Alternate Universe

How Marvel Studios might have looked 14 years ago

While doing research for a different story recently, we came across a fascinating article in Variety from April 1997 describing a legal battle for control of Marvel Entertainment. The comics giant had been through some rough times and was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy at the time, with its then-four-year-old Marvel Studios film division just starting to get to its feet after a number of false starts. While Marvel is now a powerhouse, with the "Iron Man," "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" series, not to mention "Thor," the upcoming "Captain America" and "The Avengers" all a reality, the company's proposed film slate back then looked quite a bit different. Check it out:

"Iron Man"

Then: 14 years ago, Nicolas Cage was attached to play Tony Stark! No director was named, however, and a script was only just in the works.

Now: The first "Iron Man" movie in 2008 made Robert Downey Jr. an action star and Jon Favreau an A-list director, while putting Marvel on the Hollywood map with its first stand-alone production. "Iron Man 3" is already in the prepping stages.


Then: Spidey was caught in a thick web of legalities and rights issues for more than two decades, but as of 1997, James Cameron was still attached to direct and write "Spider-Man."

Now: After three blockbuster films directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, Columbia Pictures is rebooting the series next summer with a new star (Andrew Garfield) and filmmaker (Marc Webb).

"The Incredible Hulk"

Then: "Jumanji" and "Jurassic Park III" director Joe Johnston was slated to direct the first film starring the big green guy who likes to smash things.

Now: Ang Lee directed the first "Hulk" in 2003, starring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, with mixed results; 2008's "The Incredible Hulk," with Edward Norton in the lead role, was only marginally more successful. A great "Hulk" film still eludes Marvel. Joe Johnston, meanwhile, is directing "Captain America."

"Fantastic Four"

Then: Chris Columbus (who went on to helm the first two "Harry Potter" movies) was selected by Fox to direct this, until he pulled out over disagreements about the film's budget.

Now: Fox should have listened to Columbus, because its two eventual "FF" movies, both directed by Tim Story, looked cheap and were abysmal to watch. A huge waste of this franchise.


Then: Bryan Singer was already attached in 1997 to direct the first "X-Men" movie -- which he ended up doing. Released in 2000, it was a huge hit and arguably launched Hollywood's comic book craze.

Now: After three "X-Men" entries and a "Wolverine" prequel, Fox is rebooting the series with "X-Men: First Class" this summer. Singer's still involved as a producer.

Other projects in the works at the time -- some of which eventually made it to the screen, some still in limbo -- included "Sub-Mariner," a stand-alone "Silver Surfer" film and a "Daredevil" movie, plus films about Venom, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Ghost Rider and Captain America. Not to mention "Mort, the Dead Teenager" (no, really).

So which Marvel do you prefer? The one we have now or this alternate possibility (no Ultimates jokes, please) from 14 years ago?

Send us your thoughts on all things sci-fi, horror, etc. Write us at heymsn@microsoft.com

Don Kaye covers film, TV and entertainment for MSN.com

This is sort of a 'What If?' of sorts but hey, Marvel even used to have a comic by that title! These ideas are food for thought. I have James Cameron's Spidey idea saved somewhere. Not really sure if that would've been the way to go or not but Sam Raimi delivered anyway I guess. Although I enjoyed the Fantastic 4 films, they could've been so much more than they were so that would've probably been an improvement. They could've gotten the Hulk right the 1st time instead of having to reboot! But Nic Cage as Iron Man? Not!

Regardless of 'other' possibilities, Marven finally seem to be on the right track. I just wish they had full rights to all of their characters! Evil or Very Mad
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Post  Apologist Puncher on Sat May 28, 2011 9:15 pm

I just skimmed it, but they are mistaken as to who was set to play 'Iron Man' for many years.

Wasn't Cage, it was Tom Cruise.

BJ Routh and Bryan Singer WERE the worst thing to happen to Superman since Bepo the Super Monkey.
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